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Cuba Daily Travel Budget Tips

Cuba Daily Travel Budget and Tips Back in the fall of this past school year, I was busy teaching Spanish to about 800 elementary school kids. Among these classes were my 6th grade Hispanic/Latino Culture classes. As part of the … Read More

Saving money for long term travel

What to do in Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia is a common first destination for those traveling from Thailand to Malaysia, and if you’re like us you likely took a gruelingly long van ride to reach this culturally eclectic city. But upon arrival, you may very well … Read More

Deep Water Solo Krabi, Thailand

My biggest draw to Krabi, Thailand was to try out their legendary Deep Water Soloing (climbing over deep water without ropes. If you fall, congrats on your first cliff dive!). We went with Tonsai base camp for their reasonably priced … Read More

Andean farmer in the cordillera negra sets wheat field ablaze to prepare for the potato crop.

A Meaningful Encounter with an Andean Farm Woman, Peru

Before I left for my trip, talking to one of my best friends about the blog, he suggested I do a section on stories about noteworthy people who I meet along the way. This is the first of my “Travel … Read More