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How to use the CUP Currency to Save Tons of Money in Cuba

If you found this article, it’s probably because you’re planning a trip to Cuba, but even the best budget travel blogs are warning you that if you really really stretch your budget, you should still plan to spend around $80-$100 … Read More

How to Travel Longer Distances in Cuba

Traveling from city to city in Cuba can be a bit complicated, especially if you’re traveling on a budget. Here are the options that you have for traveling medium to longer distances within Cuba: Colectivos There are colectivos that drive … Read More

Moab, Utah Summer Packing List

Moab packing list This list is broken up into two parts, an essentials packing list, and a list of links to great gear that you may want to buy if you are really serious about traveling a lot in the … Read More

Top Ten Must-Do in the Four-Corner States

Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. The four corners states are very likely my four favorite states in the USA. Each of them have mountains, deserts and extremely unique landscapes that you have to see to believe. Many of my … Read More

9 Delicious Mexican Foods that You’ve Never Heard of

Mexico is amazing and beautiful and has some the nicest people of any country that I’ve ever visited. It’s so misunderstood and the dumb stereotypes are so wrong and come from fear. I could go on and on! But one … Read More

The Gringo Guide to Mexico City’s Street Food

So you’ve just arrived in Mexico City. You’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the size of this huge city and the extensive but complicated public transportation system. So what should you do first? My answer: EAT! I loved Mexico City for … Read More

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Cuba Daily Travel Budget Tips

Cuba Daily Travel Budget and Tips Back in the fall of this past school year, I was busy teaching Spanish to about 800 elementary school kids. Among these classes were my 6th grade Hispanic/Latino Culture classes. As part of the … Read More

Alternative Packing Tips for the Long-Term Traveler

Alternative Packing Tips for the Long-Term Traveler Searching “How to pack for long-term travel” or “what to pack for international travel” will yield tons of articles from travel writers more experienced than I telling you to pack so light for your … Read More

Tips for Preparing for Long-Term Budget Travel

10 Tips | Preparing for Long-Term Budget Travel

  Before preparing for long-term budget travel… make it REAL! One of the biggest hurdles to going on a long trip is actually going for it. Extended travel is a scary concept if you haven’t done it before. There are … Read More

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How Long-Term Travel Changes You

  Before I started this travel blog, I spent a lot of time thinking about domain names. When I came up with No Strings Travel, a lot of people asked me what exactly that meant. I’ve never quite been able … Read More