My time in Havana, Cuba. A love story.

I’ve been putting this article off for a while. Not because I did not want to write it, but more because I did not know how. Havana, Cuba left such a tremendous impact on me, and I still do not … Read More

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The Santiago de Cuba Musicians Story

My second day in Santiago, Cuba, after buying a cheap omelette out of a side window of a zapatería (shoe repair shack), I headed in a random direction hoping to find some early-day music. I eventually happened upon a music … Read More

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The Cuban Faith Irony

As I drowsily gaze out the window of my minibus, a generous Cuban term for those 1950s wagon-style cars from early surfing films, I begin pondering an interesting phenomenon of Cuban culture. It can be described simply with one word: … Read More

Overnight in a Karen Village

When we booked our trip to Tee Sor Lu falls, the biggest waterfall in Thailand and sixth biggest in the world, we opted for a tougher 2-day trek that would involve more hiking each day, but take a whole day … Read More

Burmese refugee camp Thailand

Burmese Refugee Story- Umphang, Thailand

Along the Burma (aka Myanmar) border of Thailand, there is a small, quiet town called Umphang. Tourism is relatively new to the area, even though it is home to the 6th biggest waterfall in the world. Adventurous Thai travelers have … Read More

Flooded with Compassion in a Flood-Stricken Pueblo

After hopping on a ten-hour bus with the plan to get as close as possible to Bahía Inglesa, the “Carribean of Chile,” I arrived in Chañaral, a small coastal town that I had never heard of, nor noticed on my … Read More

M&M Coffee. Coroico, Bolivia

M&M Coffee with Mauro

The day after going to see Las Tres Cascadas (the three waterfalls) in Coroico, Bolivia, I spent a relaxing afternoon sitting back and sipping coffee in M&M Cafe, block uphill from the Coroico Plaza. After explaining to the young coffeemaker … Read More

The Pastoruri glacier, a clear illustration of climate change

Pastoruri Glacier: a Lesson in Climate Change

This day hike was never part of my plan in Huaraz. I had heard that it was very easy and that there were much cooler hikes. But unlike my last trip to Huaraz, I was traveling solo and without much … Read More

Andean farmer in the cordillera negra sets wheat field ablaze to prepare for the potato crop.

A Meaningful Encounter with an Andean Farm Woman, Peru

Before I left for my trip, talking to one of my best friends about the blog, he suggested I do a section on stories about noteworthy people who I meet along the way. This is the first of my “Travel … Read More