Top Ten Must-Do in the Four-Corner States

Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. The four corners states are very likely my four favorite states in the USA. Each of them have mountains, deserts and extremely unique landscapes that you have to see to believe. Many of my … Read More

My time in Havana, Cuba. A love story.

I’ve been putting this article off for a while. Not because I did not want to write it, but more because I did not know how. Havana, Cuba left such a tremendous impact on me, and I still do not … Read More

Authentic travel on the cheap backpacking tourism santiago de cuba carnaval

The Santiago de Cuba Musicians Story

My second day in Santiago, Cuba, after buying a cheap omelette out of a side window of a zapatería (shoe repair shack), I headed in a random direction hoping to find some early-day music. I eventually happened upon a music … Read More

Authentic travel on the cheap backpacking tourism santiago de cuba carnaval

Santiago de Cuba | Authentic Travel on the Cheap

Authentic Travel on the Cheap in Santiago de Cuba Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city in Cuba. Ironically, however, it is much less visited than many much smaller cities on the island. This is likely due to Cuba’s … Read More

Baracoa, Cuba | Authentic Travel on the Cheap

Traveling authentically on the cheap in Baracoa, Cuba. Despite being ravaged by hurricanes, Catholicism and a thirst for gold, Baracoa has retained its pristine natural beauty. Baracoa was Christopher Columbus’ first stop in the Americas. The first “Indians” he came … Read More

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Doing something different in Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba is a very well trodden destination in Cuba, but for good reason. It may well be the most commonly visited city in Cuba outside of Havana. The reason for its popularity is obvious. Trinidad is a colorful, colonial … Read More

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Bay of Pigs: Cuba’s Hidden Gem

What do you think of when you hear Bay of Pigs? For me, it has always been the failed US attack on Cuba back when our relationship went south. Never would I have thought that it would be home to … Read More

Suggested and Unexpected Adventures in Viñales, Cuba

Adventures in Viñales Cuba Viñales is a quintessential stop in Cuba according to every travel guide you will ever read. I definitely agree due to its immense natural beauty, but some of the typical experiences we (my friend Mike was … Read More

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Cuba Daily Travel Budget Tips

Cuba Daily Travel Budget and Tips Back in the fall of this past school year, I was busy teaching Spanish to about 800 elementary school kids. Among these classes were my 6th grade Hispanic/Latino Culture classes. As part of the … Read More

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Ukraine: My first travels abroad

When I was younger, I never really had any aspirations to travel. My parents hadn’t done much traveling and they always made it seem like a luxury that only very wealthy people could afford. For these reasons it just wasn’t … Read More