5,304 Steps for Ukraine | Fundraiser with Cincinnati Hikes​

5,304 Steps for Ukraine- Fundraiser with Cincinnati Hikes

Cincinnati Hikes and No Strings Travel are hosting a virtual hike to raise money for our sister city of Kharkiv in Ukraine. It is 5304 miles to our sister city so we’re hiking 5304 steps (2.5 miles) to show our support! We want to raise $5304 to go to grassroots efforts to help the war struck city with funds for medicine and food delivered daily to the warzone where many poor, sick, and elderly are still stuck.

Use the form below to register and claim your exclusive Cincy Hikes Ukraine Sticker, which can be mailed to you or picked up at Roads, Rivers and Trails in Milford by showing them the email that you’ll receive after donating! 

Then together for 513 weekend, we’re going to hike as a city in support of our sister city, Kharkiv. You can hike one of the scheduled hikes around the city all weekend, or hike solo and post the picture of your hike and your sticker to Cincinnati Hikes with the hashtag #5304. Registration to participate and get your sticker a donation of $25 and all the money goes directly to folks on the ground aiding in Ukraine. Look out for updates on the GoFundMe to see pictures of all of the good work that our donations are funding! 

We have chosen to donate as effectively as possible by donating to trusted Ukrainians on the ground and their grassroots efforts to deliver food, medicine and other aid to conflict zones across the country, with much emphasis on our Sister City, Kharkiv. Olga Fedchenko is leading the efforts on the ground.

Olga has enough connections that she and her family could have easily escaped Ukraine, but instead they are living in a safe house right now and building.up a huge network of Ukrainians that are purchasing medicine and food and risking their lives daily to deliver that aid to warzones where many elderly, poor, sick and mothers with young children are still stuck.

Olga and her family are trusted friends of the Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister Cities Project.

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