Peru Summer 2019 Packing List

Peru packing list

This list is broken up into two parts, an essentials packing list, and a list of links to great gear that you may want to buy if you are really serious about traveling a lot in the future. Before checking out latter section, please realize that in no way, shape or form do you need to buy ANY of this stuff for our trip to Peru! This is just a list of some of my favorite travel items that I believe will help you in being a pro traveler in the future. Also note that everything you pack needs to fit in a carry-on sized bag, this means packing light! 

Essential packing list:

  • Clothes
    • 3-4 t-shirts
    • 1-2 pair pants- hiking pants are great if you have them! Leggings or yoga pants a good option too. 
    • 1 swimsuit- in case you want to take a dip in any jungle waterfalls! 
    • 1 pair athletic or hiking shorts- it’ll be warm hiking in the jungle! 
    • 3 pair hiking socks
    • Hiking or running shoes/boots- this is personal preference, just be ready to wear them A LOT over lots of miles! Make sure they are durable and worn in, you do not want blisters! 
    • Light casual shoes- up to you if you want to carry an extra pair of shoes or just wear your hiking shoes the whole time. 
    • Warm hat and light gloves- it gets cold at night and early in the mornings. Option to buy these things in Lima if you want to stock up on some alpaca gear! 
    • 1 light or medium-weight sweater or long sleeve shirt- a base layer or under armor is a good alternative.
    • Lightweight jacket- light down is great, amazon brand has a cheap option (men, women). 
    • Rain jacket
    • Souvenir alert! Some of the best souvenirs to get in Peru are alpaca wool clothing! Sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves- we will go to a market to check out our options, so consider leaving some room or planning to buy those clothing items in Peru! 
    • Hat and/or sunglasses- if you don’t like the sun in your eyes. 
  • Gear
    • Water bottles or hydration pack/reservoir- minimalists may choose just to buy and reuse water bottles in Peru, but you should be able to carry at MINIMUM 2 liters, I carry 3, sometimes 4!
    • Camera- our phones have great cameras too and I will take lots of photos with my professional camera, so no need to buy a camera if you don’t have one! 
    • Chargers- whatever tech you bring, keep it alive or else it’s dead weight!
    • Carry-on size backpack- there are great options below. This is definitely a good investment, but there’s an ultra-budget option down there too!
    • Water bottles or water reservoir- be able to carry a minimum of 2 liters of water.
    • Daypack- any lightweight backpack that you can fit your camera, water and some extra clothes in will do. Suggestions below. 
    • Eating utensil- a simple camping spork is always great to have! 
  • Toiletries
  • Extras
    • Snacks! We have long flights and layovers, plus lots of hiking time, so energy-dense snacks like granola bars and trail mix are a great idea! 
    • Any extras you’re thinking about bringing, just remember that you will not regret packing light! Leave some space for souvenirs too! 

Pro travel gear to consider: 

(disclaimer: these are affiliate links. They do not cost you more, but No Strings Travel may receive a tiny portion of the sale from Amazon. Regardless, we swear by these items and regularly travel with them!) 

  1. Steripen– Wanna know a major hidden cost in travel? Water. All those cheap water bottles that you buy really add up! It does not take long for this nifty UV water filter to pay for itself, and it will do so over and over and over again! 
  2. Travel/camping Pillow: An inflatable pillow that packs down to pocket-size.  
  3. Travel towel– probably the biggest space saver on this list! Definitely a great investment. 
  4. Carry-on bag- We may not always be checking bags on the trip, only a carry-on is always included. You’ll find that this is a much better way to travel anyways! Here are some nice pack options: 
    1. The Eagle Creek Global Companion 40l unisex or women’s-specific version– this is my pack, it ticks all my boxes! Watch the video review here.
    2. Osprey farpoint (men) and fairview (women)– a very close second! I encourage you to watch the video reviews if you are deciding between this or the Eagle Creek. Review here
    3. Not looking to spend a ton of money on a travel backpack? I cannot vouch for the quality of this one, but thousands of Amazon reviews can! This is a really great deal and seems to be a pretty solid option: Outdoor Master.
  5. Daypack (my go-to or the cheaper Amazon brand)- to carry the day’s essentials.
  6. Nalgenes water bottles: You’re going to need to be able to carry a minimum of two liters of water for our longer hiking days. These are great because they are lightweight and have a wide mouth for water filters. 
  7. Buff– great and versatile! Keeps you warm. I also use mine as an eye-mask to help me sleep on flights and long drives!
  8. Merino socks (men and women)- merino wool! Experience it’s smell-resistant magic!
  9. Merino shirts (men and women)- Not necessary and may seem silly to spend so much on a t-shirt, but they are great at resisting odor and easy to hand wash and dry! One of these plus an athletic-material shirt is all you need for the whole trip! 
  10. Merino base layers– Really looking to treat yourself? Woolpower is ridiculously nice! This stuff keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. What can I say? Magic! 
  11. Packing cubes– lots of great options on Amazon.
  12. Travel lock– great for keeping gear safe and secure in hostels! 

Other optional items

  1. Laundry soap- if you want to wash your clothes on the trip, consider bringing along a bar of laundry soap to wash them in the sink. This works best with clothes that dry fairly quickly.
  2. Shower shoes- some cheap foam flip-flops will do if you don’t like showering in showers that are not your own.