Cancellation/Refund Policy

No. Refunds are not guaranteed. Refunds will only be issued if your seat can be resold to someone else. Even then, you may not get a full refund as some money may be lost to name changes fees, rebooking fees, etc. 

Money received is spent on flights, accommodation, tours, etc. Travel expenses are most often non- refundable, so the money is lost, unless the seat is resold. Even then, you will at the very least lose the money that it costs to transfer the flight to someone else’s name.

Yes. The earlier you cancel, the higher your chances are of someone else buying the seat. If you cancel 6 months in advance, it’s fairly easy to find a replacement and you can get most of your money back once someone else pays. The closer you get to the date of travel, the more difficult it is to find someone who can purchase the seat and your money will most likely be lost.

No Strings Travel will post the seat for sale and will do what we can to sell your seat. Once a buyer has been found that can pay the amount owed, you will be refunded.

Yes, you can sell your seat to someone who qualifies for the group age group (if applicable), but they will not be booked until they have paid in full. You may not sell your seat to anyone without that person first speaking with No Strings Travel.

As previously stated, as soon as your money is received, it will be used to book flights, accommodations, etc. You will only be refunded what has not already been spent. 

It depends on how much you have paid, and how much you still owe. Let’s say you are cancelling a trip that costs a total of $2,800 and you were supposed to travel in August. You have paid $1,200 in March and decide to cancel. If someone buys the seat, they will need to pay up $1,200 in March and then take over the remaining payments. If this is the case, you will get your $1,200 back, minus the cost to transfer your airline seats and any other potential name transfer fees, if applicable. But…let’s say that no one can be found who has $1,200 in March. If that is the case, the seat may be sold to someone who takes over your remaining payments FIRST – they will pay the remaining $1,600 in payments to No Strings Travel FIRST – and then owe you the $1,200 later on.